Tips keep In Handy Before Playing With Best Tennis Racquet

If you love tennis and want to be better at it, there is more to it than just practice. You need to have the best racquet. You require more power and control on your game and it can be done if you have a good racquet in your hands. Don’t get excited by reviews regarding some racquet just like that. Ensure that you have all the information before you make the purchase. Here are a few details you should consider.

Some Tip To Select The Best Quality Tennis Racquet

Head Size
How powerful your game is, depends on the head size of your racquet. The more the head, the more power you’ll have over the game. It’s because a large head covers the large area and for hitting the balls coming at you. Even if your racquet is not exactly in the center, you would be able to hit off-center. There are differently sized available in the market today, which vary from 85 to 135 square inches. If you are new to the game, it would be a good idea to buy the best tennis racquet with the larger head. Smaller ones are for those who already have control of the game and need more tennis practice on their skill.
Racquets generally used are about 27 inches, although the legal limit can go up to 29 inches. The longer ones have the leverage of getting more groundstrokes. It doesn’t make a difference to many players who switch the racquet to the longer length. Usually, the longer ones are lighter so that they could be comfortable to use too. The swing weight also changes with the length which is why it is better if the weight decreases.
Weight and Balance
A heavy racquet is generally more powerful than the light ones. They are quite stable and give less shock whereas the lighter ones are easier to handle and give a better swing movement because they can swing faster. The average racquet weights are around 10 ounces. Professional players prefer the heavier one which are 11-13 ounces with half to one and a half inches headlight to balance it out. It is because players use their own control instead of depending on the racquets. Lightweight racquets with heavier heads are liked by the beginners as they find them easier to handle and don’t require much power from the player. Although, they lead to shock transmitting on the wrists, elbow, and shoulders.

The pattern of the String
Open string racquet leads to better ball rebound and provides spin potential. It is because of the wide space in the strings, gets the ball get embedded into them and fall out differently. The string durability is although more in denser string patterns. Those who don’t want spin, prefer denser racquets as it enhances the control on the ball. Also, if you hit the ball harder, you would want the strings to be durable.
These days shock and vibration dampening system are incorporated in the handles to make the racquets more comfortable and the quality of those handles improves the grip.

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