The Market Problems And Frustrations & How META Can Solve Them

1. What is the right tennis academy for my child?

It’s very difficult to decide which tennis academy to enroll your child in. To make matters worse, most tennis academies only offer one free class to decide whether a child likes the sport/program or not. We do not feel this is enough time to truly make a decision, which is why we offer a Two-Week Free Trial, to give your child more than enough time to decide whether or not he/she likes the sport and/or our program. In addition, we feel so confident that your child will love it that we also include a 30-day money back guarantee in case the child changes their mind after you’ve already made your first payment. No other tennis academy does this!

2. Has my child gotten better? Is my child ready to move up to the next level?

Throughout my years as a tennis coach and tennis director at several different tennis academies, these are the questions I used to get on a daily basis. Most tennis academies just throw your child into a group without any direction or visible path to look forward to. This is why at META we make it our goal to ensure that you and your child know that the developmental process is always moving you in the right direction. Through our monthly testing and our progression pyramid, you and your child will know at the end of every month what he or she has gotten better in and what needs to be worked on. He/she will also know exactly where they stand depending on the level on the progression pyramid.

3. Is my child ready to play tournaments?

Every parent wants their child to succeed, and for most people their view of success is in their ability to compete against others. This is a way to determine where you stand. It is a fact that tennis is one of the more difficult sports to master, and this is due to a tremendous amount of speed, agility and hand-eye coordination that is required. Therefore it can take some time before a child is ready to compete competitively. However we have found a way to answer this question for you!

At META, once one of our athletes move in to the Upcoming Superstars group (which takes approximately 2-4 months), they automatically become eligible to play in our monthly META Tennis Smash. Along with this, we also provide all of the athletes in this group with a FREE membership to the USTA (United States Tennis Association), which automatically makes them eligible to receive a state ranking and compete in tournaments all across the state of Florida.

The META Tennis Smash is held on the first Saturday of every month. It is a sponsored USTA Play Day that we have designed for the Beginner tennis player. At our monthly META Tennis Smash, your child can compete against other children of the same level in a fun and relaxed competitive environment. We provide complementary food and prizes to all of the participants, as well as a 1st and 2nd place medal to the top to finishers. This is a great opportunity for all of the parents to enjoy watching their children compete for the first time, and the kids have an absolute blast!

4. Is tennis a safe sport? Will my children be safe?

Most of the tennis programs in the United States are located inside of public parks. Throughout out most of these parks, anyone can enter and leave as they please. Fortunately for the Miami Elite Tennis Academy, we are located inside of a private residential community. The only way one can enter our facility is to enter passed a gate and security post. Therefore any and all people who enter the community are accounted for, so you can rest assure that you and your family are at one of the safest tennis academies in America.

5. Since tennis is an individual sport, will he/she have the opportunity to interact with other children?

At META we emphasize on group classes. We feel that having the children play amongst each other is the best and fastest path towards success. Most tennis academies will push their private lessons because that’s where they make the most money, however that is where you lose that fun group interaction. The META Method is incorporated into every group lesson so you can be sure your child is leaning just as much in a group setting as in a one on one, while getting the chance to interact with others through games and competition. META family is close knit. Kids will make friends quickly.

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What students are saying..

As a lifelong tennis player, I am excited to say META is an amazing tennis academy. Their coaches are excellent and motivating. Both of my younger sisters also play tennis at META and always count down the days until they can be back on the courts. What I like best about META is how prepared they are to teach a beginner’s class for any age and also give a challenging and engaging class for more advanced players. I will definitely be coming back.

Miami Elite Tennis Academy was a great experience! I learned a lot of the fundamentals of tennis as well as match place strategy and a game winning attitude. I strongly recommend Coach Vince and his team of professional tennis instructors.

What schools are saying…

Great coaching, and amazing courts.

You guys rock, keep up the great work you are doing for tennis!

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