Boxing Tips For Beginners

Here are a few tips for anyone who’s a beginner to boxing and wishes to get started.

  • Start with the Bag Slowly

If you start punching the bag at a slower rate, you can build up your arm strength and endurance over time. Focus on learning the proper form to get the most out of the technique and develop as a boxer.

Don’t hammer away at the bag not understanding what you’re doing. You’ll get little benefit and won’t develop muscles and tendon strength where it’s needed. Also, keep your breathing even and don’t get fancy on the bag; it’s for working out, not looking good.

  • Hydrate!boxing tips

Be sure to not forget to drink plenty of water. Use electrolyte drinks if you feel that helps you. But most of all, replace the water that you’re sweating out during your boxing practises.

  • Avoid Burnout

It’s just like people who sign up to a fitness gym. They go every day and spend two hours a day for a week or two, and then slowly they return less often until they’re barely going once a month. Then they give up.

Pace yourself from the start. Give your muscles a chance to adapt to either the increased or different type of exercise than you might have done in the past.

  • Avoid Overtraining

You’ve also got the issue of being in the boxing gym too often and overtraining. When you over-train, you’re far more likely injure yourself because you’re not giving your muscles time to repair and grow. Just like with weight room workouts, pushing your body too far has the opposite effect than desired.

  • Befriend Experienced Boxers

Without coming off as a total beginner, willingly accept the advice of people who have years of experience in the boxing gym. They often have much to share for more boxing tips must check and become pro in boxing.

Even if they’re tit-bits about how to avoid getting injuries or what groups of exercises work well together; their body of knowledge is worth tapping. It pays to be humble and accept what you don’t know, then expands on your fight smarts every time you’re in the boxing gym.

  • Put Your Weigh Behind It

An effective punching technique includes turning your body to put your weight behind a punch. For newer boxers, throw punches more slowly to have them impact forcefully. This intentional technique is necessary until your feet are faster and you can move deftly.

  • Don’t Box Yourself Out

If you’ve got heavy hands – or you’d like them to be – don’t get addicted to that. Stop trying to knock out the opponent (real or visualized) with every punch. Mix it up just like you would a sparring match. Remember to combine head movement to avoid a counter strike with punches; avoiding getting hit is just as important as hitting well.

  • Limit Your Combinations

Overeager fighters try to throw too many long combinations. 2-3 punches in a combination is fine. Don’t try to do 5 or ten because you’ll get overly tired and then your movements are too slow to avoid a counter punch. Leaving yourself open is not a good outcome from throwing a long combination.

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